NSW Club Hosted Kendo Grading August 2023

Event Date: 5th August 2023

Venue: Own venue

NSW Club Hosted Kendo Grading August 2023. NSWKA recommends all clubs schedule their club-hosted Kendo kyu grading close to the first week of August 2023 to meet the time-in-grade policy.

*Please make sure that all grading applicants are eligible and that all of their information is correct before submitting the grading result form to NSWKA. Applicants are allowed to be graded up to Sankyu only.

Conducting a Club Hosted Grading

4.1 Each club hosting a Rokkyu to Sankyu grading is encouraged to invite applicants from  other NSWKA clubs to participate. The NSWKA Executive can assist in promoting the  grading to clubs

4.2 Clubs may choose to conduct a grading together

4.3 The applicant’s club is responsible for checking that the applicant has met their  eligibility to grade criteria as detailed in Clause 2. The NSWKA Executive can assist with  checking member details such as membership status if requested by the club

4.4 The club must engage their own grading panel of three to seven members. Grading  panel members must be at least Sandan and there must be at least one Godan or  higher on the panel

4.5 All applicants must complete a NSWKA Grading Application Form, have it signed by  their Sensei and pay fees as detailed on the application form

4.6 All gradings must assess applicants under the Kyu Grading Requirements (Appendix 2)  using the Kyu Grading Results Form (Appendix 5)

4.7 At the conclusion of the grading a clearly written list of results, all grading application  forms and grading fees are to be sent to the NSWKA Executive

4.8 The NSWKA Executive will confirm eligibility of applicants and that correct fees have  been paid. Any applicant who passed their grading but was not eligible to grade will  not have their grading registered and will have their registration fee (but not their  application fee) refunded

4.9 The NSWKA Executive will update successful applicant’s grades on the NSWKA  membership database and post the club the successful applicant’s grading certificates 4.10 Members of the NSW Kendo Technical Committee can be available to advise clubs on  how to set up and conduct a grading and physically attend the grading to support if  requested


Eligibility to Grade Criteria

2.1 All applicants must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible to grade in NSW,  the NSWKA may request proof of eligibility from the applicant;

2.1.1 Be a current financial member of the NSWKA or other AKR affiliated state or  territory

2.1.2 Have paid all due NSWKA fees, including for the entire time-in-grade period  2.1.3 Maintain continuity of training and membership for the entire ‘time in grade’  period between grades

2.1.4 Time-in-grade requirements:


Time-in-Grade Required
6th Kyu
Three months or more of training (be a registered  member of NSW/AKR at the time of applying to  grade)
5th Kyu -1st Kyu
Three months or more after granting of the  previous grade
1st Dan
Five months or more after granting of 1st Kyu
2nd Dan
One year or more after granting of 1st Dan
3rd Dan
Two years or more after granting of 2nd Dan
4th Dan
Three years or more after granting of 3rd Dan
5th Dan
Four years or more after granting of 4th Dan