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About the NSW Kendo Association

The NSW Kendo Association (NSWKA) is the primary governing body for affiliated Kendo Clubs in New South Wales. NSWKA promotes the interest and participation in Kendo, Iaido and Jodo within NSW as well as the good fellowship wherein. The Association is also tasked with arranging annual championship competitions and the requisite grading, seminars and other events for clubs & members within the state.

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The word kendo literally means ‘The Way of the Sword’ (ken: sword + do: way), and can best be described as Japanese Fencing. Kendo’s origins are most closely associated with the feudal Japanese Samurai and many protocols within today’s dojos still reflect this cultural tradition. Kendo has now become a popular sport form that is suitable for both men and women of all ages, who practice and compete together.

NSW Kendo Technical Committee

  • David Bunder, 5th Dan (Chair)
  • Duy Pham, 5th Dan
  • Eric Lim, 5th Dan
  • Hugh Chang, 6th Dan
  • Kelvin Tran, 5th Dan


Iaido is the art of drawing the sword and developed around the 15th century as Iaijutsu.   Practitioners of Iaido are required to learn  12 kata techniques such as drawing of the sword to defend while standing, sitting or kneeling. There is no sparring as you are doing the Katas on your own with the spiritual enemy.

After iaijutsu lost its offensive nature Iaido evolved as a technique used by all the samurai implying serenity of spirit, control of respiration and above all, the sign of perfect and elegant self-control in the art of drawing the sword.

Training in Iaido requires discipline and dedication to ultimately defeat the enemy without the need to draw the sword, it is sometimes referred to as “moving Zen”.

Extract from the book “The Martial Arts” first published 1977:  “We must remember that the three sacred treasures of Japan are the Sword, the jewel (to tama) and the mirror.  The sword plays a prominent part in Japanese mythology, folklore and history”.

Iaido and Kendo are just like two wheels of a cart, being so closely related and have been practiced together through the long history of Japan’s martial arts.

NSW Iaido Technical Committee

  • Bob Brown, 5th Dan (Chair)
  • Aden Steinke, 5th Dan
  • Graham Splitt, 4th Dan
  • Peter Dodd, 4rd Dan
  • Mark Szalajko, 3rd Dan


Jodo is a traditional martial art of Japan practiced with the Jo (or short stick).  The Jo is a round stick made of oak and is 128cms in length and 2.4cms in diameter.

Jodo is aimed at self-defence against an attack, it enables you to suppress your enemy’s offence and its spirit is to give the enemy a lesson without inflicting a wound.  Jodo techniques include thrusting, parrying and striking and are noted for its equal handling of the Jo on either side of the body.

Jodo is mainly to mould your mind and body. What Jodo aims at is not to improve your skills, but to cultivate your mind.

NSW Jodo Technical Committee

  • Aden Steinke 4th Dan (Chair)
  • Bob Brown, 5th Dan
  • Graham Splitt, 4th Dan
  • Mark Szalajiko, 3rd Dan

NSW Kendo Association Executives

Taek Yang

Agnes Lee
Vice President

Jason Woo

Lyma Balderama