NSWKA Club-hosted Kendo Kyu Grading in August

Event Date: 30th July 2022 to 7th August 2022

Venue: Own venue

NSWKA Kendo Clubs preparing for the club-hosted kendo kyu grading in August

Please use the new NSWKA grading application form sent by email:
  • Register your club members
  • Fill out the grading information (grading date, venue,  panel members, and so on)
  • Record grading results
Once the grading has been completed and all of the above information has been recorded, please submit the form to the NSWKA along with the payment receipt.
Please keep in mind:
  • Applicants for Kendo 3kyu must perform the Bokuto Waza 1-4. Please ensure that this is implemented for your club-hosted kendo kyu grading in August and that all grading panels are proficient in assessing the Bokuto Waza.
  • The NSWKA strongly advises kendo club members and kendo club instructors to attend the NSWKA seminar on July 10, 2022, to learn and reskill the bokuto waza.
  • The club-hosted grading must be completed by early August in order for members to meet the time-in-grade requirement for the November State Kendo Grading.
Prior to the August club-hosted kendo grading, the NSWKA Kendo Technical Committee and Executive Committee will issue an update about Kendo Kyu Grading requirements.
Please do not hesitate to contact NSWKA if you have any questions.