NSW Kendo Shinpan Seminar / NSW Junior Kendo Championships 2023_Sat 2nd September

Event Date: 2nd September 2023

Venue: RCSC (The Y NSW Ryde Community Sports Centre)

NSW Kendo Shinpan Seminar 2023

Date and Time: Saturday 2nd September 2023, 8am – 11:30pm

Venue: TBC

NSW Junior Kendo Championships 2023

Date and Time: Saturday 2nd September 2023, 12pm – 4pm

Venue: RCSC (The Y NSW Ryde Community Sports Centre)

Rules, Regulations and Guidelines for NSWKA Junior Kendo Championships

1. Competition divisions and eligibility

1.1 Financial NSWKA Kendo Members can compete at the NSW Kendo Championships and/or NSW Junior Championships with the permission of

their club Sensei unless banned or suspended under the NSWKA Policy: Managing Misconduct of NSWKA Members

1.2 The divisions at the NSW Junior Championships are;

1.2.1 Under ten year old individuals

1.2.2 Under twelve year old individuals

1.2.3 Under fourteen year old individuals

1.2.4 Under sixteen year old individuals

1.2.5 Under eighteen year old individuals

1.2.6 Kendo Kihon (Clause 15)

1.2.7 Prior to each event the Executive in consultation with the Kendo Technical Committee may decide based on numbers registered to make changes to the above divisions

1.3 Junior requirements

1.3.1 A competitors eligibility is determined by their age on the day of the Competition

1.3.2 Divisions are mixed gender

1.3.3 Divisions can have Kyu and Dan competitors

1.3.4 A Parent Permission Form must be provided for each competitor

1.3.5 Juniors may compete in the next highest junior age division if their Club provides a letter explaining why the Club feels that it is appropriate and safe that the member compete. The Technical Committee shall vote and recommend to the Executive if the applicant should be allowed to compete.