Information Regarding Kendo Internal Gradings to be hosted by Individual Clubs

Event Date: 30th November 2020

Venue: Individuals Clubs

Information regarding Kendo internal gradings:

  • 6th Kyu up to 3rd Kyu only
  • Gradings must be conducted before the end of November 2020 (this will allow everyone enough time to grade at the next state grading)
  • Time in grading. As discussed, if the club has concerns in regards to the time in grading please contact me to discuss as this year has been a challenge for us all and we will discuss this in person.
  • No one will be charged to attend this year’s grading, we have asked the AKR to withdraw the grading cost, however as we have not heard back yet NSWKA will absorb this cost.
  • Your club will be responsible to set up and run the grading within your own training time and place, as the TC has allowed cross training, we will allow clubs to combine the grading if they choose to do so.
  • Your club is required to contact the executive and TC with the following information.
  • Who is grading and who will be sitting on your grading panel? Due to covid you will not require a member from the TC, however we will need to approve the person sitting on your panel.
  • If you need any help, we have a grading pack with all the documents you will require so please let us know.